Gear Fest



UnSold Gear

Using the link above view the spreadsheet of items sold at Fall Gear Fest. Check the bar code numbers from your registration form against the spreadsheet. If you don't see your bar code number listed your item did NOT sell. That means you need to decide if you want to pickup your un-sold items at one of the dates/locations below or donate it. PLEASE SEND US A MESSAGE telling us if you plan to pickup your items and at what location/date so we can be sure to have all your gear available at that time. You can either choose to donate any un-sold items to 3 Rivers Outdoor Co. which we will use as some of our starting inventory when we open the store in Spring 2018 or you can pickup any un-sold items at the following locations/dates post Gear Fest. Any unclaimed gear as Oct. 31st, 2017 become the property of 3 Rivers Outdoor Co. 

Frick Environmental Center

Solar Power Parking Lot

Wednesday Oct. 18th 6-8pm


North Park

OTB Boathouse Parking Lot

Monday Oct. 23rd 5-7pm


 Grist House Craft Brewery


Sunday Oct. 29th 3:00-6:00pm


Selling Gear

Gear Fest is a consignment market, not a gear swap. This means we handle all the sales and take a portion of the sale (30%) and then pay you the rest (70%), within 2 weeks after Gear Fest. In order to do this we tag the gear and register it it to you. You decide on the price that is sells for, not us. Registering as much gear before the event makes things go smoother the day of and lets you enjoy the festival environment rather than waiting with your gear or waiting in line to register it. 


When you buy or sell used gear you are helping protect our environment and promote sustainability. With limited natural resources and the vast amounts of energy required to manufacture new products reusing quality outdoor gear and clothing helps to break the rampant waste cycle of buy and replace.

Dust off that well-loved but seldom used outdoor gear and bring it to Gear Fest to make some extra cash. Come and shop that well loved gear, and find new treasures. Don't let that older but still useful item go to waste. Help it find a second home where it can be a part of someone else's new adventures.

How do I Buy or Sell Gear?

  • Gear sales will take place at the event from 12pm to 5pm.
  • Sellers must register to sell their gear either before the event, at a pre-event seller registration location (see above), or the day of Gear Fest from 11am to 2pm. 
  • After a seller is registered at the event they will get price tags for each item they brought to sell and will label it with their requested selling price.  The seller is then free to hang out and browse the other vendors, used gear, enjoy the live music and craft beer.
  • All sales transactions will be handled by 3 Rivers Outdoor Co. who will split the sale of each item with the seller - 30% 3ROC / 70% seller.
  • Payouts to seller will be via check or PayPal per the sellers request within 20 days after GearFest. We will attempt to do it as soon as possible. But with a possible large number of transactions we need time to process all the payments. There will be NO cash payouts the day of Gear Fest.
  • All unsold gear needs to be removed from the Schenley Plaza property between 5-7pm Oct. 14th. Any gear not removed by that time will become the property of 3 Rivers Outdoor Co. unless special arrangements are requested and agreed upon.

what Items can I bring to sell?

  • Gear Fest is about local outdoor adventure. We are looking for outdoor clothing and equipment that is used for hiking, camping, trail running, climbing, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding (SUP), mt. biking, road biking, and snowsports.
  • Sellers please CLEAN all gear and WASH all clothing you plan to sell prior to the event.
  • Some items might include outdoor active wear that is in good condition meaning cleaned and no holes, tears, rips, ect. Items may be patched.
  • Clothing and activewear might include jackets, fleece, rain jackets, down jackets, ect that are specific to outdoor activities or outdoor brand apparel from Mt. Hardwear, Marmot, Patagonia, North Face, LaSportiva, Arcteryx, Deuter, Osprey, Wild Things, Cilogear, Granite Gear and more!
  • Outdoor equipment includes tents, backpacks, bike racks, kayak equipment, hiking shoes, trail runners, bike shoes, camp stoves, snowshoes, cross-country skis, trekking poles, paddles, kayaks, and much more. Again please ensure items are clean and in working order.
  • Climbing shoes, chalk bags, and crash pads are acceptable but no safety related climbing equipment will be accepted.
  • If items are as large or larger than a kayak we ask that you contact us prior so we can make sure there will be room for it before you haul it to Gear Fest.
  • All Down-hill skis with bindings needed to be serviced and checked over by a professional ski shop for safety.


What Items We can't accept.

  • Any safety related items can not be sold at Gear Fest due to liability. This includes;
  • Climbing harnesses, rope, ATCs, fall arresters, ascenders, cams, ect.
  • Protective helmets
  • Non-Outdoor Fashion Clothes (Gap, H&M, Old Navy, ect.)
  • No Cotton Memorabilia T-Shirts Please
  • Life Jackets / PFDs


Get Social

Share photos of gear you intend to sell at Gear Fest by uploading them to Instagram and tagging @3riversoutdoorco and #gearfestpgh, #3rocpgh, or #usedgearnewbeer. You can also email us photos of gear you plan to bring to sell and we will post for you.  As photos get tagged we will post them below and to the Facebook event page. Keep checking back to see if that special treasure or awesome deal your hunting for might be soon discovered.